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Whatever you need, we’re here to help. We’re a one-stop-shop for all things marketing. Custom website? You got it. social media package? We’re pros. Refreshed e-newsletter? Say no more.

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We build all of our websites using WordPress. We love WordPress because it’s affordable and super easy-to-use! Our e-commerce sites operate using WooCommerce.

It’s our promise to give you as much knowledge and control of your website as you want. We can teach you how to update the information on any page, event, or blog! If you’d rather be hands off, we’re happy to help. But we never trap our customers into our services by keeping them locked out or in the dark.

Of course! We’re experts in SEO-optimized copy and metadata. We’ll make sure that your website and the Google Search Engine are BFFS.

"Haley and Awake Digital Media were introduced to me by a colleague prominent in the Arizona Educational Establishment. I had formed a new charitable foundation, St Mary's Basilica Patronato, to promote the restoration and renewal of Phoenix's oldest Catholic Church. Haley formed an initial marketing plan creating a website and brochure to launch the Foundation. Haley was a delight to work with, her empathy for the mission coupled with her technical and creative skills were fundamental to success. I will continue to work with Haley as we develop our future marketing and digital presence. I would wholeheartedly recommend her and Awake Digital Media to you."

Jerome Doris St, Mary's Basilica

"I found Haley in the nick of time. The yoga business is competitive - not all peace and love. I am so thankful that she could take my outdated and somewhat homespun site to a much more professional level. Here gift of copy-writing is much appreciated. It's hard to write for Millenials if you're not one! I look forward to having her build me a brand new site from scratch soon. So great that she could meet me at my current pricepoint. I literally can't wait to write her a bigger check to see what she can do without limitations. Oh, and she's a blast in meetings too - it never feels like "work.""

Shaila Cunningham YogaHotDish

"Haley, our team was amazed how you were able to manage the curve balls we threw at you during the process and not only did you create a website that blew us away, it was under budget and timeline. We could not recommend your talents enough. We look forward to our next opportunity to work with you in the future."

Brian Gafford Ramshorn Services

"Like most of us, several months ago our business life was turned upside down. My partner and I found ourselves in a situation where we were starting a new business and then the Coronavirus pandemic hit. We panicked. How were we going to get a logo designed and develop our website without the ability to meet with other businesses? From my initial phone call with Awake Digital Media, I felt a different vibe. When I was describing our telecommunications business model, I knew this topic was brand new to Awake Digital Media and their team. But I could tell that they were truly listening and had the desire to thoroughly learn my business. This initial phone call lasted about an hour, no charge. From that call, Awake Digital Media did their research on our industry and came back to us a couple days later with logo ideas and a complete strategy that was exactly on-point to what we were looking for. The entire project was completed in record time and at a cost that I still feel nearly guilty about. We had our logo designed and completed within two weeks; this included color revisions, the whole ordeal. I still can't believe that in just two weeks they designed a logo that I constantly get compliments over. Their quick results didn’t stop with just the logo. Our website and social media presence was up and fully functional within that month. All the copywriting was totally perfect, solely based off of our phone conversations and their industry research. I can’t stress enough how talented this team is. You want a cool-looking logo and strong website at a very affordable price? You can waste time shopping around, or just call Awake Digital Media first."

Tim Kellen Get The Wan

"Haley is a true up-and-coming talent. She's a sharp and creative mind that brings energy and vision to every meeting. She has the ear to capture ideas and the ability to distill those into effective marketing concepts and presentation. The more we work with her the more we look for ways to integrate her into our team. Haley's at the top of our resource list and I highly recommend her for digital media development."

John Miller Ramshorn Services

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LOGO and Branding

The cornerstone of your identity…
We work with you to imagine what your logo looks like. We also equip you with your precise brand colors and fonts.


Online shopping is the future…
Your store will be easy to browse with plenty of payment options. We’ll also teach you how to update it! 

Website Design and Copywriting

Your website ought to tell a story… 
We’ve mastered the ultra-daunting “about” page and we’re pros at explaining your products and services. 


It’s more important than you’d think…
Let us blog. It’ll give you an edge up in SEO, website engagement, and increased perceived customer value! 


Build your network with ease…
Whether you need a strategic social media plan, branded content, or targeted ads – we’ve got this. 

Newsletter Design

Meeting customers where they’re at…
People check their email everyday. It’s a no-brainer to let us design a beautiful newsletter for your company! 

Product and business photography

Because it adds tremendous value…
Trust us, quality photos are necessary. We can take your new headshots, product photos, and more! 

Print Materials

The old-fashioned goodies… 
Flyers, brochures, restaurant menus, business cards, stationary, you name it! We design it all. 

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